some tv shows I like to watch sometimes

(does not include anime for the most part)


remember me?

shows I've watched a significant amount of in the past and totally forget I can try to rewatch and/or finish them.


to investigate:

(shows I'm curious about or have watched in the past--will I like these if I watch them today?)

never watched:

have watched:


far reach

these shows would be me jumping into unknown waters. they might be worth my while, they might not be; they might have something in them that makes me uncomfortable or that I find upsetting, but is it too much or is it something I can stomach? dunno!


maybe don't... remember me

these are shows I watched a fair amount of in the past, usually as a child, and I've tried rewatching them within the past 10 years or so and was... disappointed. like, either I was unlucky and watched one of the less savory episodes, or with my now seasoned eyes I am simply more aware of things that went over my head as a child but upset me today. it's not a tragedy but, like, yeah: rewatch these with caution, me:


a fond salute to shows that warmed my tiny heart

just a little shoutout to some shows I have fond memories of as a very young child. little to no intention to rewatch these, but remembering the warm feelings they gave me makes me smile.

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