howdy! you can visit the older version of this page here. lately I've been re-evaluating my tastes in anime and I am trying to restructure this page entirely. for now, here is a simple list of some shows I'm pretty sure I still like:

~ Under particular scrutiny - Need to re-watch these but I'd say there's a fairly decent chance they get to stay (at least 50%):

~ Mostly good or even great but has a few strong caveats that really don't sit well with me. I'm rather torn with these:

~ Here are shows I don't remember well... I know I found these enjoyable or compelling in the past but now I've forgotten most of them, literally all I can say is I need to re-watch these to have a concrete opinion. Do you trust past-me's tastes? Do *I* trust past-me's tastes? Idk...

~ Shows I want to watch or finish watching: