yeah... movies... how 'bout 'em..?

Here are some feature-length films I might wanna watch:


cursed films to watch with a (good) friend:

aka fever dreams?? w hat are these

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Films I've watched recently since making this page:

I don't watch a lot of movies, actually. Watching something an hour or more is a big comittment for me. But I don't think I mind watching movies a bit slowly. It's so interesting to learn about and explore the medium, just like I am experiencing the worlds of comics and books with interest anew. Since I've made this website, I have tried a lot of new things, and I think these lists help me be more thoughtful about what I experience, help me remember what I've watched, and help me and figure out what I want to check out next.

UPDATE: Got hit with the movie-watching bug! It's probably a phase, but lately I've felt like watching a lot of movies! I think it started with The Lion King and Ice Age 4 rewatches in Fall 2022.

Some favorites:


Movies I would like to get a physical copy of:

for some reason some months ago I felt like making a dog movie list so here you go, enjoy

and now... I have a cat movie list, too!

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