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here are some more short animations I like, too! I struggle to classify what should go here and what should go on the other page, but here you will additionally find more animatics and some animation memes (even shorter, less formal or narratively structured videos). Not just memes! Sorry if my groupings seem a little arbitrary ><; Really I think all this stuff is super cool and I feel a little lost about how to organize this part of my site right now. Anyway, please enjoy! I really really love the amazing work artists put out. I especially love how creative and experimental hobbyist, indie, and student artists' creations are~!

(*I try to add content warnings where appropriate, I am doing my best but they may not be perfect, might be under or over-tagging sorry)

cw: flashing images/colors

cw: eyestrain

cw: flashing images, eyestrain, blood

Context: This fanwork, a "lyricstuck" with added video editing, is for the webcomic Homestuck. This video focuses on the character dynamics between a teenager named Dave and his older brother who raised him.

cw: flashes, flashing colors & lights, potential eyestrain, strong lyrics

this one is hard for me to judge how much of a flashing lights/eyestrain warning it has, cause it seems fine for most of the video but then it switches really fast to more high-contrast colors and adds in some white flashes as visual effects, so... yeah, probably still need to tag it

Context: This is a fan animation for the anime tv series SK8 the infinity, in which the character Reki (red hair) teaches Langa (blue hair) how to skateboard.

cw: creator notes "flashing images, fluff" in title

cw: flashing images, eyestrain, repetitive, surreal/unreality

cw: flashing images

Context: This fanmade video features an Umbreon, a moonlight fox Pokemon (videogame) species.

cw: dragon has a hard fall and dies(?) with mild stylized blood

cw: flashing images, repetitive, surreal/unreality

cw: strong language/lyrics

cw: housefire mention, language, depression, homestuck ending spoilers

Context: This is a fanmade animatic for the webcomic Homestuck, reflecting on how the main character, at the end of their journey, questions where they stand then and now. The video depicts this main character, John Egbert, as the transgender June Egbert, a popular headcannon/fanon that fits well with the protagonist's feelings, growth, and experiences by the comic's ending (in my opinion).

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2D Animation Tools:

Video Editing Tools:

There are lots of different types of animation and roles/techniques... Rigging, 2D puppeting, stop-motion, traditional hand-drawn 2D animation, 3D animation, motion media... The 12 Principles of Animation... The lists above are commonly-used software I run into in the world of hobby, indie, and student-made animation. I mean some are industry-standard, too, like ToonBoom, but I wanted to provide a list with a range of accessibility options. I have seen super cool stuff made with all of these, and there are options for use with both computers and mobile devices. You can always animate on paper, too! Traditional animation, experimental animation, check it all out...

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Some Youtube animators' acronyms

I've included the links for the removed videos in case they're ever made public again, or if someone hopes to possibly find them again on the Wayback Machine/Internet Archive.

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