hey there! this website is a casually-written series of lists to help me remember things, like books I've read or foods I like to eat, because I'm pretty forgetful and I make so many lists in my daily life that I can't keep track of them anymore. Thankfully, the internet is a pretty great place to keep easy-to-access references for myself. Feel free to snoop around and maybe learn something, too! I'm an aspiring game developer so I've compiled a lot of info about resources and tools I've learned or used. No affiliated links or info, I'm just a student trying to record and recommend my findings. :>

That said, my website doesn't have great visual design (I know) but it loads instantly and it's easy on my eyes, and that's what suits my needs right now. I may make it prettier and more legible in the future, if I think anyone might benefit from what I have to share. Also, my language/grammar fluctuates across the site--again, this is all very informal, depends on my mood honestly.