cool Vocaloid & similar anime-flavor music videos (MVs or PVs)

I really like vocaloid songs and music videos (MVs)! And other MVs in a similar style, often with animation or rad illustrations, usually with an "anime" art style, sometimes featuring human vocals.

I don't have a great understanding of the vocaloid producer and singers/utaite community, but I am trying to get back into it and learn how it has developed since I kinda slept on it for like 6 years, and a lotta cool stuff has been made since then!

here are some cool picks. you can click this button for a RANDOM MV (wow!) ...or you can scroll down and view a list with links. More will be added with time. enjoy


Full list of Vocaloid and Utaite Songs in the Randomizer:

Bonus MVs I haven't added into the randomizer code yet:

(Credit to MightyPork and The Useless Web for the randomizer code!)