Read some SCPs!

Welcome to my page where I share my favorite SCP stories! I tend to prefer stories that are short, funny, heart-warming, and weird. I'm not as enthused by the longer and scarier ones, but those can be pretty impressive, too! I just gotta be in the mood for something spooky and gripping.

What is SCP? It's a fiction writing community! Its website, The SCP Foundation, which stands for "Secure, Contain, Protect", is a fictional organization dedicated to the preservation and containment of supernatural or paranormal hazards. Think Men in Black or X-files, with lots of horror and sci-fi themes. Basically, people write articles for objects or entities in the form of a containment report. Some stories are scary, others are funny or just plain weird. If you like creative writing, it's a lot of fun!

SCP-7333 - Business Lizard

SCP-2107 - Diet Ghost

SCP-115 - Toy Dump Truck that weighs as much as a Real Dump Truck

SCP-013-J - (cw: strong language) (Joke SCP) The Cuttlefish of ULIMATE WISDOM! :o !!!!