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an adventure

cat butt tissue holder & other knicknacks - really cool game dev's website

funny flags of the world

pet a doggo (website has sound)

if you like old 90s geocities kinds of websites, please enjoy this ponds & aquariums site that’s been on the net for over 20 years (wow!)

some games weren’t meant for this world. there are many. this is one of them

Is it christmas? click to find out (very fun to check out on christmas day every year)

(cw: flashing screens) what's that? I can't hear you say it louder (no sound but you can Feel it)

the little toy dump truck that could perplex you

cat planet (youtube video)

its CLYDE the american badger, he's good I trust him (Youtube video of the High Desert Museum's beloved badger) did a fun overview of horse girl media

good web design reference, the legendary Yvette's Bridal

(cw: static/flashing bits) flash used to be a pretty cool thing huh (Youtube video)

you will never consider littering again (Youtube video)

the most entertaining calculator unboxing video there is (Youtube video)

are you thirsty? how about a nice refreshing SCP?

did you know disneyland has a feral cat population?

a funny interaction between two fish spitting sand at each other (youtube video)

do you like frogs? do you like OLD 90s websites? here you go

this indie game demo uses plush dog butts as controllers! wack.

so those Disneyworld cats were pretty good but. how about the 11 cat islands of Japan?

okay, okay, maybe cats aren't your thing. maybe you'd prefer the iguana park. I get it. Me too...

looking for some inspiration to design a cool sci-fi phone? check out these ugly early 2000s phones

have you ever seen a snake fly? (cw: ants) now you can (Youtube video)

bored of sending your friends a traditional rickroll? how about the ashley tisdale cover instead! (Youtube video)

a relic of the old web: 2000's webcounters by BoingDragon

(cw: flashing images, eyestrain) there are many forms of art full of boundless creativity and undying passion. one such art form is the CPMV (club penguin music video) (Youtube video)

Have you ever empathized with a corn flake? Wondered what life is like from a cereal's perspective? You should try it sometime.

Microsoft Excel is simply too powerful... Don't believe me? Well, did you know it can do THIS?!?!? (Youtube video of a ROLLERCOASTER built in Excel!)

Let Olly the delightful Jack Russel Terrier give you some laughs from his Agility Performance (Youtube video)

Ready to laugh yourself to tears? (cw: drugs implication) Here's James Veitch's "The Bit with the Ducks" (Youtube video)

(cw: domestic abuse) Close your eyes and think of the weirdest videogame you've ever played. Okay, now open your eyes; whatever you thought of, this one is weirder. (Youtube Video - The Adventures of Ninja Nanny)

(cw: flashing/strobe lights, serious epilepsy warning; gun violence mention in song lyrics) please sit back and relax as the singing billy bass band peforms Bohemian Rhapsody (Youtube Video)

Maybe you're not in the mood to watch the singing animatronic fish concert. Maybe you'd rather laugh at one that's demonically possessed and can sing no more. (Youtube video)

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