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for helpful articles and interviews about becoming an environment artist/level designer (such as interviews from those in the industry), check out this page!

And here is a page about indie dev articles, success stories, etc.

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so soft you can use them as pillows

I am not endorsed by or affiliated with any website, company, software, etc. listed here or anywhere else on my website. I'm just a student hoping to share stuff I've learned (and write it down so I don't forget). :>

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NOTE TO SELF: Should I start putting subscript sources on my pages? This website is, yes, built for me, but if it's of any benefit to others, that would make things more credible. But is it worth the effort? Does it matter? As an example, I learned that the Iconoclasts dev uses Construct Classic from the Wikipedia page, which cites Sandberg's twitter. So, yeah, I'm not pulling facts out of thin air, but does proving that MATTER to any(?) readers, when I'm just trying to share what I know and not, say, argue or discuss things? My hope is that the information on my site serves as a starting point, and readers can learn more through their own research. I sure don't retain much information without investigating things for myself, over and over. *shrug*