comics! comics! yeah~!!

(web)comics I think are prett-T neat!

basically Hiveworks is full of awesome webcomics yeeeehaaaawww

(Some of these webcomics are now available in print! Such as Cucumber Quest, Homestuck, Never Satisfied, and Devil's Candy!)


rad & Tubular fan webcomics of things like Pokemon and Furby!

Printed/Physical Comics I've read:

~ shoutout to my local library & their interlibrary loan service for letting me check out most of the print comics I've read here!! 😎 ~

Graphic Novels:

omnibus volumes I've read:

Floppies (single-issue comics) - series I've read at least 1 floppy issue or omnibus from

Comics I want to read:

~ manga ~

(HARD to REMEMBER... here's my manga chapter guide--my roadmap to series I want to keep track of!)

Currently Reading: On Hold: Completed Manga:

Light Novels (sorta also on my Books page):

(What's a Light Novel? Light Novels are easy-reading "rainy day" novels that are often short and usually have full-page illustrations every few chapters. Many anime and manga series are adapted from light novels, and are often placed on manga shelves at bookstores. They aren't actually comics but more like an associated media, so that's why I'm listing them here as well as my books page.)

more webcomics that I used to read

(I didn't stop reading them for any dramatic reason, it's just been a decade)

looking to start your own webcomic?

consider the following options for comic hosting:

Comic Publishers, for serialized comics and/or Graphic Novels

Traditional Publishers (many well-known book publishers are now taking on Graphic Novels)

I wonder if there are Moomin comics...

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The Comic Pipeline:

now you know...

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Some cool Comics Events (in-person/sometimes online bc of covid)

~ other resources ~


Newspaper Comic Strips I vaguely remember seeing decades ago: