anime openings sure are cool

here's a list of some cool anime openings to check out--also click the button below for a random OP or ED!

(OP means Opening, or intro, and ED is Ending/outro)

disclaimer: Not all these anime are "good", and I haven't watched them all. If you've watched enough anime, you know some of them are really amazing and plenty of them are, uh, kinda garbage. That's just how it is! I think it's still often worth sharing the opening if it's pretty cool, though, even if the show ends up being a letdown. What am I saying here? Uh, you're not guaranteed to enjoy every show these openings are from if you go ahead and watch them?? Yeah, uhh, I guess I don't need to bother saying that, but I did anyways! ...Enjoy?

Click for a random anime opening!



Adding some more openings here, they aren't in the randomizer yet, I wanna make my randomizer more efficient before I adjust it, so for now here's just some more you can click on if you want:


(Credit to MightyPork and The Useless Web for the randomizer code!)

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