about dunes

This is my truly personal site. Hopefully you might find some things that are interesting, delightful, or teach you something new. I have a hard time talking about myself, and honestly this is the page I end up re-writing the most, so I'm going to try and keep it simple and not over-say. I'm trying to find my way just like anyone else, and I'm incrediby indecisive, but I've found that keeping a simple website is something I enjoy. Over time I think I will try to change the layout to make it more user-friendly, but for what it is right now, it has helped me keep track of several things and learn how to work with some code, too.

To report a broken link, share a comment, or drop your own site, here's my guestbook.

What's a "media hub" anyway?

I like lots of different things across many mediums (media), and I want them all to have a place here on my site. In other words, I'm passionate about a lot of different kinds of media like books, comics, videogames, animation, etc. and that's what most of my website is dedicated to. People make awesome stuff, and I wanna share that stuff I love with you! Discussion and discovery of the things people make and the ideas they cultivate are things I care a lot about. So, I felt like the term "media hub" was a good fit.

Timeline of Dune's: I joined Neocities in 2017. Not sure when exactly the site began to start looking how it does today, but... now it's 2022! So, 5 years running, more or less.

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