I like to read

Novels I've read since getting back into reading for fun:

~ (I THOUGHT mostly I liked to read YA fiction, but actually I realize I probably like middle-grade fiction more. But also I am reading a whole bunch of stuff! Public libraries have got my back!) ~

This isn't a list of books I particularly liked or disliked, just stuff I've read (or read most of) fairly recently. Now you know! Books I've not finished, but read a good chunk of, are listed above; books I merely read a tiny portion of remain below. Discovering new books pre-pandemic, I liked to sit on the floor at the library and gaze up at the stacks, and hoping to run into something new that speaks to me in a way I might listen. Nowadays I spend a lot of time browsing the library web portal from home *sniffle*.

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Books I want to read next

(not just YA fiction)

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I recently found a hoard of children's fiction books in my attic and rediscovered some old treasures. I would like to re-read some of these!

also children's picture books! nice examples of illustration and/or writing for younger children



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